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Portfolio mix
Probably the most important aspect of a portfolio is diversification. Contrary to popular belief, diversification is not the number of different investments that you own. Instead there is a science to diversification called Asset Allocation.

Personal rate of return
We’ve seen some portfolio reviews and one of the problems we see over and over again is too many people focus on investment returns as opposed to investor returns.

Risk in the portfolio
Portfolio risk is an area that people often neglect simply because they tend to focus on investment performance. Understanding and appreciating risk will help you become a better investor.

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Our expertise spans continents and sectors, and sharing it can help you grow your wealth.
With regular publications to keep you updated with what’s going on in the markets and expert opinion and predictions, from global economic analysis to regulatory changes, you’ll find the facts you need to plan your future. We help you become better informed, and stay that way.

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We make sure the whole team is up to date on the plan involved with the project; we take time to review and resolve any personnel distractions that can get in the way of the investment, We communicate what is happening and why to everyone to ensure nothing is left behind, We give a key personnel review of the status of the solution, We review the opportunity and segmentation to traction in the marketplace.

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As a dynamic institution our compliance team monitors all financial promotions, reviewing and maintaining projects against regulations to ensure you are exercising your full rights and maximising your return. Our compliance experts help clients to align their businesses with complex and often-changing regulatory requirements. From regulation on the local level to sweeping, nationwide reforms, our consultants understand the scope and impact of strict insurance, risk and capital requirements and how to help bring your investment interests in line with regulatory guidelines.

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Thames Rock View fully understood my situation and recommended a property that provides me with additional monthly income, helping fund my early retirement.

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