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Co-Working Space in Hoxton

WorkSpace Proposal 

Your investment will be in ordinary shares in Workspace Hoxton the company that will own the virtual freehold (999 leasehold) of the building under English law. Your investment in the company will be asset backed.

This will be matched by a high growth sector (such as the shared office space) to ensure projected returns at 10% plus per annum.


 Investment Structure 

– Fixed assured return of 12% per annum for 5 years.

– 105% Equity uplift from the property on your invested capital in one of the strongest property markets in the world.

– Optional buy back in Years 3/5 and 10.

– Multiple currency options USD/GBP and EURO.

– Full payment system into London law firm.

– Contracts legally binding under English law.

– Low capital entry at 20K GBP.

– Proven management team with solid backgrounds in serviced and commercial property

industry; with performance records from globally reputable institutions such as

ServeCorp, KPMG, HSBC.

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