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AI could double annual economic growth rates in major world economies by 2035, according to a recent report by Accenture2, Yesterday’s robots were blind, big, dangerous and difficult to program and maintain. These are being substituted and supplemented with newer and more proficient robots.

“Artificial intelligence and navigation systems have advanced enough to allow for the development of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots that are able to perform tasks on our behalf without constant supervision.” – Forbes

Today’s robots have vastly-improved voice and language recognition, learning capability, mobility and dexterity. These new precision robots can sort and fill prescriptions, pick and pack warehouse orders, process and handle fruits and vegetables, plus a myriad of other industrial and non-industrial tasks faster than humans, while working safely alongside them.


This is an EIS opportunity which is bang in the middle of THE single most valuable commercial opportunity in the world today, AI-powered robotics, and in a way that is hugely scalable.

Investors have an opportunity to invest with a a start-up robotics company in the proliferating robot market. The Company’s core proposition is to build an operating system to power robotics focusing on four key verticals: military, industrial, commercial and consumer. The company will focus on researching, developing, investing in Artificial Intelligence. Aries Robotics is seeking funds to facilitate research and development, finance its future growth and attract and motivate key staff. It intends to raise £5,000,000 overall between September and December through several rounds of funding, this being the second round for £850,000.


  • UK P.L.C with a UK Bank account and such is audited
  • The CEO is a genuine prodigy. At the age of 13 Andy Roberts was consulting for a movie using an early prototype of the AI Aries Robotics is now developing the commercial version of.
  • AI-powered robotics is the fastest growing industry in the WORLD and is set to reach $237 billion by 2022.
  • Consultancy firm McKinsey estimates AI will create between $3.5T (£2.69T) and $5.8T (£4.46) in value annually across the global economy.
  • SEIS and First round of funding completed


The Enterprise Investment Scheme  (“EIS”)  is  a  Government  scheme  that  is  designed  to  help eligible start-up companies raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs for investors who subscribe for qualifying shares in qualifying companies.

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